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Green Cleaning & Sustainability

Environmental sustainability means minimising our impact on the world around us, particularly our consumption of natural resources and ensuring products don’t have a negative impact on the environment throughout their lifecycle.

Green Cleaning is a total cleaning solution that protects health without harming the environment. The Advance Nature range gives clients a springboard to embrace green cleaning, and Advance’s team of experts can help them analyse their use of equipment, disposables, cleaning regimen and training.

The benefits of green cleaning include improved indoor air quality and a healthy environment. This means less sick days, increased staff productivity, boosting morale as well as less exposure to chemicals and reduced water and air pollution. .

Advance Nature is a range of natural, yet high performing cleaning products; products that fit the whole regimen of a “green” programme. It is not just using environmentally preferred products but also adopting a green approach to cleaning. It involves the assessment of current cleaning methods to achieve ultimate better results, reducing risk to exposure of potentially harmful chemicals that has safety implications to cleaning professionals as well as occupants. Adopting a truly green approach means lessening the negative impact in our environment.

Advance Nature is not only the responsible choice for our environment, it’s the responsible choice for business as well.